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2011: ”Homelessness, Migration and Demographic Change in Europe”
16 September, 2011, Pisa, Italy

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Introduction by Stefano Galliani, FEANTSA AC Member for Italy
Logics of Expulsion: A Savage Sorting of Winners and Losers
The Broadening and Mystified Margins of Housing Deprivation
Homeless, Social Mediation, Peace
Migrant Homelessness in the European Union
Italian and Foreign Born Homeless in a Metropolitan Area: Challenges and Opportunities. Evidence from an Original Data Collection in Italy
Progetto DIOGENE: An Integrated Approach to Homelessness and Mental Illness in Milan, Italy
The Configuration of Homelessness in Greece during the Financial Crisis
Street Homelessness among Central and Eastern Europeans in London
From Polish Homelessness Abroad to Homelessness in Poland
Study of Undocumented West African Migrants living as Homeless in Copenhagen
Social Action Models and Homeless Support Service Mapping for Some Major European Train Stations
The Homeless’ Perspective on Quality of Life and Housing: a Cohort Study amongst Homeless People in four Cities in the Netherlands
Evicted in the Welfare State – a Comparative Analysis of Evictions due to Rent Arrears in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden
The Mediterranean Model: Homeless Immigrants and Informal Housing in Italy
Housing First: A Project for Homeless People with Mental Illness in Lisbon
Homeless Immigrants in Rome
Homeless Migrants’ Needs: the Risk of Destitution
Homeless Immigrants, Legal Issues and Vulnerability
Location Patterns and Social Integration of Economic Immigrants: a Comparative Analysis of the Greek and Northern European Context
Who are the French Homeless Families?
Migrant Women and Homelessness in Ireland: The Role of Gender-Based Violence
Making the links: BME (Black, Minority Ethnic) Women, Gender-Based Violence, Homelessness & Migration – a UK perspective

2010: "Understanding Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in the New European Context"
17th September, 2010, Budapest, Hungary

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Call for Papers


Transitional Homelessness – Homelessness in Transition in Eastern Europe
Social Safety Net, Informal Economy and Housing Poverty - Experiences in Transitional Countries
Human Dignity without Barriers - the Special Focused Project of the Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil Rights about the Human Dignity of Homeless People
Communitary Homelessness? The New Roma Ghetto and its Conceptual Framework
Life on the Margins of the Housing Market
The Housing Pathways of Central and East European Migrant Workers living in Wales
Comparing Young Homeless People in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal and UK
Housing Exclusion of the Elderly in Slovenia
Pathways Into and Out of Homelessness - The Case of Problem Gambling
New Types of Living Accommodations for (Formerly) Homeless and Other Vulnerable Renters - Experiments in Social Housing in The Netherlands
The Importance of the Exclusionary Discourse and Measures: The Example of Hungary
Resistence to Data Collection on Homelessness among Warsaw Service Providers – the Role of The Warsaw Council for the Homeless in Fostering Effective Solutions to Homelessness
Land of Opportunity? Comparing Street Homeless Experiences Between Polish Migrants and UK Citizens in Two British Cities
Using Services for the Homeless Abroad. Polish Rough Sleepers in Brussels and Oslo
Squattings – Chance or Deadlock for Homeless and Homeless Migrants? Variant Experiences from Different European Countries
New Zealand: Conceptualising and Counting Homelessness in New Zealand: is Comparability with Europe possible?
The Psychometric Qualities of a Consumer Quality Index Assessing Clients’ Experiences with Services for Homeless People, Homeless Youth and Battered Women
Homeless in the Netherlands: A Population Size Estimation and Profile Description
Collection of Data on Homelessness in Wallonia. Principle Population Trends and Methodological Research Problems
A model for Health Intervention Regarding the National Strategy for Homeless People Integration – Health Care Pilot Project for Homeless People with Mental Illness
Facing the Challenge of Confronting Homelessness in a National Economic Crisis. A Pilot Prevention Policy Model
Faith based Solidarity Marginalised? Homelessness, Faith-Based Organizations and the National Action Plan for Social Relief in the Netherlands

2009: "Homelessness and Poverty"
18th September, 2009, Paris, France

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Call for Papers
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Appel à propositions


International Perspectives on Poverty, Social Exclusion, and Homelessness
Family Homelessness in England: Results of a National Survey
Homelessness and Labour Force Participation. Evidence from an Original Data Collection in Italy
Association between Social and Economic Factors and Homelessness and Housing Instability: Evidence from the United States
Routes out of Poverty and Isolation for Older Homeless People: A Comparative Study between Poland and the UK
Researching Homelessness: An Opportunity to Increase Social Consciousness and to Strengthen Social Networks
Adjusting to Homelessness
Social Housing and Anti-social Behaviour: Social Housing, the Compounded Disadvantage of the Social Tenant, and Homelessness
Coping on Marginal Incomes: Homeless People who are Rehoused
Homeless in a foreign country: Destitute forced migrants
The Early Stages in the Life of Economic Immigrants in Greece: a Case of Extreme Conditions of Poverty and Homelessness
The Welfare Space: Looking at Homelessness from the Human Needs
Poverty and Homelessness – Exploring the Links in an Irish Context
Evictions a Hidden Social Problem: Comparative Evidence from Modern Welfare States
Homelessness in Croatia
Homelessness and Social Displacement in Russia
One person households with low incomes - a growing challenge for Finnish housing policy and social policy

2008: "Good Governance: the key to effective Homelessness Policies"
19th September, 2008, The Hague, The Netherlands

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2007: "Rethinking Homelessness Policies"
28th September 2007, Lisbon, Portugal

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Implications of Housing Status and Informal Networks for Homeless Strategies
Sustainable Solutions to Homelessness: the Scottish Case
The New Communities of Opportunity Model of Intervention
The Political Organisation of the Homeless in Brazil EN PT
Social Practices developed with Homeless in the City of São Paulo
AMI Practices with people who are homeless in Portugal

2006: "Intervention Strategies to combat Homelessness and Social Exclusion"
23rd March 2006, Dundee, UK