Eighth European Research Conference on

Housing First. What’s Second?

European Research Conference
20th September 2013
Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

Organised by: FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness and the European Network for Housing Research Working Group on Welfare Policy, Homelessness and Social Exclusion


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8th Research Conference Programme

Speakers’ Biographies

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Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Sam Tsemberis serves as the CEO of Pathways to Housing and created and piloted the Housing First approach. He is a clinical-community psychologist and serves on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. He is the principal research investigator for several federally funded studies of homelessness dual diagnosis and has published numerous articles and book chapters on these topics. He is author of the Housing First: The Pathways Model to End Homelessness for People with Mental Illness and Addiction.
  • Dr. Volker Busch-Geertsema (GISS, Bremen, Germany) is a senior research fellow at the Association for Innovative Social Research and Social Planning (GISS, Bremen, Germany). He is a member of the European Observatory on Homelessness since 1995 and since 2009 he is the Coordinator of the Observatory and a member of the editorial team of the European Journal of Homelessness. He has conducted a large number of extensive research projects on different aspects of homelessness in Germany and Europe. Currently, he is coordinator of the Housing First Europe project, a Social Experimentation project funded in the framework of the PROGRESS programme of the European Commission.
  • Professor Judith Wolf (Professor of Social Care, head of the Netherlands Centre for Social Care Research (Omz) at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, and director of the Academic Collaborative Centre for Shelters and Public Mental Health, the Netherlands) has more than 25 years of experience in designing and conducting both academic and applied research on socially vulnerable people (including homeless people and abused women) and on the social and health care services needed by these groups. Amongst other things, she carried out several studies on intensive case management and outreach and was principal investigator of the evaluation of one of the first Housing First practices in the Netherlands, i.e. in Amsterdam. Currently, she is project leader of an exploration of all Housing First projects and initiatives in the Netherlands.

European Research Agenda on Homelessness

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European Research Agenda on Homelessness

Speakers’ Presentations

Plenary Session
Sam Tsemberis, USA: Housing First. What’s Second?
Judith Wolf, NL: ’Recovery Work’ in Housing First Practices: Contents and Conditions
Volker Busch-Geertsema, DE: Recovery Orientation and Realistic Expectations

Seminar 1: Housing First: Integration of Homeless People
Deborah Quilgars, UK: Housing First and Social Integration
Ruth Owen, EU: The Potential of Housing First in the Rural Environment

Seminar 2: Adaptability of Housing First
Paula Goering, Cameron Keller, CA: After Demonstrating that Housing First Works in Canada, What’s Next?
Steve Gaetz, CA: Adaptation and Implementation Challenges for Housing First

Seminar 3: Housing First in Central and Eastern Europe
Eliska Lindovska, CZ: Poverty Coping Strategies and Strategies of Coping with Poverty Threat in the Context of Homelessness
Julia Wygnanska, PL: Housing for the Homeless? Not Yet First!

Seminar 4: Evictions
Susanne Gerull, DE: Evictions Due to Rent Arrears: A Comparative Analysis of Evictions in 14 Countries
Pia Kjellbom, SE: The Social Service’s Legal Roles in the Swedish Rental Act in Relation to Forced Move-Outs from Housing

Seminar 5: Measuring and Profiling Homelessness
M.A.S. de Wit, NL: Mapping the Homeless Population in Amsterdam
Marcel Buster, NL: Estimating the Number of Homeless Sleeping Rough: A Study in 4 Dutch Cities

Seminar 6: Housing First: Supporting Good Practice
Dorieke Wewerinke, NL: Strengthening the Social Integration of Housing First participants
José Ornelas, PT: Housing First: An Ecological Approach to Promote Community Integration

Seminar 7: Barriers and Challenges to Adaptation of Housing First
Nicholas Pleace, Joanne Bretherton, UK: Recognising and Overcoming the Barriers to Housing First in the European Context: Case Studies from Ireland and England
Ronni Greenwood, IE: Program Fidelity and Adaptation: Challenges in Implementing Housing First in Ireland

Seminar 8: Homelessness and Youth
Paula Mayock, IE: A Question of Housing? The Drug Pathways of Homeless Young People
Marianne Quirouette, CA: Exiting Trajectories

Seminar 9: Housing Solutions, Exits
József Hegedüs, Vera Horváth, Eszter Somogyi, HU: Social Rental Agencies in Hungary – Overcoming Legal and Financial Constraints
Agnes Stenius-Ayoade, Granat Simo and Sanna Sunikka, FI: From Crisis Accommodation to Permanent Housing?

Seminar 10: Governance-Related Challenges for Housing First
Dáithí Downey, IE: Ireland’s Housing Led Approach to Homelessness: The Way Home or a Path to Nowhere?
Nienke Boesveldt, NL: Housing First in Northern Europe: What is Needed for Cities and their Stakeholders to Put their Money where their Mouth is, also for ’Complex Groups’?

Seminar 11: Local Housing First Projects
Boróka Fehér, Anna Balogi, HU: First Steps Towards Housing First. Possible Implementation of the Housing First Approach in Hungary
Hakan Kallmen, Mats Blid, SE: Evaluation of a Two-Year Housing First Project in Sweden

Seminar 12: Effectiveness of Interventions
Marieke Holl, NL: Risk Profiles for People under Threat of Housing Eviction
Lars Benjaminsen, DK: The Cost-Effectiveness of Critical Time Intervention