Ninth European Research Conference
on Homelessness

Homelessness in Times of Crisis

European Research Conference
19th September 2014
Warsaw, Poland

Organised by: FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness

Hosted by: University of Warsaw

The 9th European Research Conference “Homelessness in Times of Crisis” will specifically focus on disseminating research outcomes on this year’s theme and will include presentations on other recent or ongoing research on homelessness and housing exclusion.


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Warsaw 2014 Programme

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Site Visits Warsaw 2014

Key Note Speakers

Marja Elsinga holds a chair in Housing Institutions & Governance at the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology and is visiting professor at East China Normal University. The main focus of the chair is the relationship between housing, welfare and economic growth. She has been involved in several projects for the European Commission: home ownership and insecurity, home ownership and pensions, housing and social exclusion, tenancy law and housing evictions and homelessness. She has published widely on these topics and is coordinator of the European Network for Housing Research working group on Comparative Housing Research.

Paweł Jaskulski is a doctor of sociology from Gdansk in Poland. Since 2004, he has been working for Saint Brother Albert’s Aid Society as a project manager. He coordinates local, regional, national and international projects, mainly aimed at promoting the employability of homeless people. Since 2008, he has been a member of the FEANTSA Employment Working Group.

Speakers’ Biographies

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Speakers’ Biographies

List of Abstracts

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List of Abstracts

Speakers’ Presentations

Plenary Session
Marja Elsinga, NL: Changing Housing Systems and the Risks for Social Exclusion
Pawel Jaskulski, PL: Homeless Services Booming in Poland but Homeless People Still in Crisis

Seminar 1: Policy Responses in Times of Crisis
Beth Watts, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, UK: The Impacts of Economic and Policy Change on Homelessness in the 4 UK Nations
Mathijs Tuynman, NL: Homelessness and Policy Responses in Times of Economic Crisis: the Dutch Case

Seminar 2: Housing First: From Local Experimentation to Social Change
Marcus Knutagard and Arne Kristiansen, SE: Scaling Up Housing First-Pilots – Drivers and Barriers
José Ornelas, PT: Researching System Level Change Towards Housing First

Seminar 3: Mobility and Homelessness
Magdalena Mostowska, PL: Reorganising Access to Homeless Services for EU-Migrants in Times of Crisis
Annamaria Colombo, Caroline Reynaud and Giada De Coulon, CH: Begging in Geneva in Times of Crisis: Multi-layered Representations of Beggars, Begging and Cohabitation in the Public Space

Seminar 4: Governance-Related Challenges
Isobel Anderson, UK: International Learning from Local-Level Policy Making? Responding to ‘New Homelessness’ in Post-Crisis Athens
Gijsbert Vonk, NL: Governance of Homelessness

Seminar 5: Innovating Through the Crisis
Joanne Bretherton, Nicholas Pleace, UK: Innovation in Social Integration: Social Enterprise, Social Integration and Education Services for Homeless People, Lessons from the UK
Anna Balogi, Boróka Fehér, Nóra Teller, HU: Short-Term Housing-Led Initiatives for Rough Sleepers in a Central-Eastern European Context

Seminar 6: Measuring Homelessness
Ides Nicaise, BE: Making Homeless People Visible in the EU-SILC Surveys
Julia Wygnanska, PL: Homelessness and Housing Exclusion Data-Collection Standard BIWM

Seminar 7: Youth Homelessness Experiences
Paula Mayock, Sarah Parker, IE: Young People, Homelessness and Housing Exclusion: Exploring the Impact of the Economic Crisis in Ireland
Marja Katisko, FI: Youth Immigrants’ Homelessness: Challenge for the Multicultural Societies, Policy, Services and Resources

Seminar 8: Images and Perceptions of Homelessness in Southern Europe
Alda Gonçalves, Teresa Caeiro, PT: PPP - Press, Policies and Public Opinion
Aris Sapounakis, Ioanna Katapidi, GR: Homelessness in the Context of an Acute Economic Crisis in Europe: the Case of Greece

Seminar 9: Contrasting Experiences of the Crisis
Mirela Paraschiv, RO: Housing Exclusion and Homelessness in Times of Economic Crisis in Romania
Maarten Davelaar, NL: Coping With the Crisis by Investing in User-Involvement and Quality? Some Lessons from Bottom-Up Examinations of Activation Centres for Homeless People

Seminar 10: Socio-Economic Dimensions of Homelessness
Lars Benjaminsen, DK: The Effect of Family Background on the Risk of Homelessness in a Cohort of Danish Adolescents
Ricardo Caldeira, PT: Cascais is Changing

Seminar 11: Evaluating Housing First Experiments
Suvi Raitakari, Kirsi Juhila, FI: Housing First Literature: Different Orientations and Political-Practical Arguments
Geoffrey Nelson, Tim Aubry, CAN: Implementation Evaluation of Canada’s At Home / Chez Soi Housing First Program
Tim Aubry, Geoffrey Nelson, CAN: Outcome Findings of Canada’s At Home / Chez Soi Housing First Demonstration Program

Seminar 12: Early Career Researchers
Sarah Sheridan, IE: Women’s Homeless Pathways: A Longitudinal Perspective
Jennifer Harris, UK: Negotiating Digital Space in Times of Crisis: Homelessness and Advice Provision
Elia Solana Gimeno, ES: Factors Influencing the Processes of Exclusion/Integration Experienced by Homeless People. Relation between the Type of Intervention and the Processes