European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 7, Issue 1

Volume 7, Issue 1 - 2013

European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 7.1, August 2013
(Print ISSN : 2030-2762, Online ISSN : 2030-3106)

Access to Housing for Homeless People in Europe

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EJH Volume 7, Issue 1 - August 2013

Table of Contents and Editorial

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EJH 7.1 Table of Contents and Editorial


Isobel Anderson and Regina Serpa
The Right to Settled Accommodation for Homeless People in Scotland: A Triumph of Rational Policy-Making?

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EJH 7.1 Article 1

Beth Watts
Rights, Needs and Stigma: A Comparison of Homelessness Policy in Scotland and Ireland

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EJH 7.1 Article 2

Joanne Bretherton, Caroline Hunter and Sarah Johnsen
‘You can judge them on how they look…’: Homelessness Officers, Medical Evidence and Decision-Making in England

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EJH 7.1 Article 3

Marcus Knutagård and Arne Kristiansen
Not by the Book: The Emergence and Translation of Housing First in Sweden

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EJH 7.1 Article 4

Sofia Martinsson, Tatjana Weiß and Andrea Zierler
Accommodating Homeless Families in the Private Rented Housing Sector: Experiences from a Supported Housing Project in Vienna

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EJH 7.1 Article 5

Michael Kolocek
The Human Right to Housing in the 27 Member States of the European Union

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EJH 7.1 Article 6