European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 2 - 2008

Volume 2 - 2008

European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 2, December 2008 (Print ISSN: 2030 - 2762, Online ISSN: 2030 - 3106)

Effectiveness of Policies and Services for Homelessness

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Volume 2 - 2008



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Isabel Baptista & Eoin O’Sullivan
The Role of the State in Developing Homeless Strategies: Portugal and Ireland in Comparative Perspective

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Article 1

Lars Benjaminssen & Evelyn Dyb
The Effectiveness of Homeless Policies – Variations among the Scandinavian Countries

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Article 2

Volker Busch-Geertsema & Suzanne Fitzpatrick
Effective Homelessness Prevention? Explaining Reductions in Homelessness in Germany and England

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Article 3

Dennis P. Culhane
The Costs of Homeless – A Perspective from the US

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Article 4

Maša Filipoviè Hrast
Media Representations of Homelessness and the Link to (Effective) Policies: The Case of Slovenia

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Article 5

Marie Loison-Leruste
Building Consensus? The French Experience of a ‘Consensus Conference’ on Homelessness

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Article 6

Lars-Erik Olsson & Marie Nordfeldt
Homelessness and the Tertiary Welfare System in Sweden – The Role of Welfare State and Non-profit Sector

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Article 7

Policy Evaluation

Ilja Hradecký
Building Capacity of Homeless Services in the Czech Republic

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Evaluation 1

Sarah Johnsen & Suzanne Fitzpatrick
The Use of Enforcement to Combat Begging and Street Drinking in England: A High Risk Strategy?

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Evaluation 2

Eoin O’Sullivan
Sustainable Solutions to Homelessness: The Irish Case

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Evaluation 3

Agnes van der Poel, Cas Barendregt & Dike van de Mheen
Homelessness and other living Condition Characteristics of Drug Users 2003 - 2007, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Evaluation 4

Julia Wygnanska
The Impact of Structural Funding on Service Provision for the Homeless (EQUAL and Poland)

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Evaluation 5

Think Pieces

Robert Aldridge
The Limitations of Cost Analysis in Relation to Homelessness

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Think Piece 1

Iain Atherton & Carol McNaughton Nicholls
‘Housing First’ as a Means of Addressing Multiple Needs and Homelessness

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Think Piece 2

Paul Flatau & Kaylene Zaretzky
The Economic Evaluation of Homelessness Programmes

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Think Piece 3


Benjaminssen L and Christensen I (2007) Homelessness in Denmark 2007: National Survey (Marie Nordfelt )

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Review 1

Mayock, P. and O’Sullivan, E. (2007) Lives in crisis: Homeless young people in Dublin and Pillinger, J. (2007) Homeless Pathways: Developing effective strategies to address pathways into, through and out of homelessness (Deborah Quilgars)

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Review 2

Razpotnik, Š & Dekleva B (2007) On the street - homeless people talk about themselves and others talk about them (Maša Filipovič Hrast)

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Review 3

Wolf, J, van Luijtelaar, L, Jansen, C & Altena, A (2007) Measuring client satisfaction in shelters and housing projects for homeless people (Rina Beers)

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Review 4