European Reviews of Statistics

Annual Reviews of Homelessness Statistics by the European Observatory on Homelessness

ETHOS - European Typology on Homelessness and housing exclusion - was reviewed annually by the European Observatory on Homelessness between 2004 and 2006 through annual national statistics updates, and these national updates were used as the basis for the European statistics reviews. The purpose of these annual statistics reports was to review existing statistics, but also to refine the proposed ETHOS typology.

The European Review of Statistics 2009 collates the development of ideas relating to the measurement of homelessness and housing exclusion in Europe that were presented in previous publications of the European Observatory on Homelessness and updates information on homelessness and housing exclusion for all those member states for which information is available.

The review series has been discontinued but EOH Comparative Studies on Homelessness: Number 4 - 2014 gives a statistical update.