European Research Conference: Homelessness
in Times of Crisis

Changing Housing Systems and the Risks for Social Exclusion from FEANTSA

The Impacts of Economic and Policy Change on Homelessness in the 4 UK Nations from FEANTSA

Homelessness and Policy Responses in Times of Economic Crisis: the Dutch Case from FEANTSA

Scaling Up Housing First-Pilots – Drivers and Barriers from FEANTSA

Researching System Level Change Towards Housing First from FEANTSA

Reorganising Access to Homeless Services for EU-Migrants in Times of Crisis from FEANTSA

Begging in Geneva in Times of Crisis: Multi-layered Representations of Beggars, Begging and Cohabitation in the Public Space from FEANTSA

International Learning from Local-Level Policy Making? Responding to ‘New Homelessness’ in Post-Crisis Athens from FEANTSA

Governance of Homelessness from FEANTSA

Innovation in Social Integration: Social Enterprise, Social Integration and Education Services for Homeless People, Lessons from the UK from FEANTSA

Short-Term Housing-Led Initiatives for Rough Sleepers in a Central-Eastern European Context from FEANTSA

Making Homeless People Visible in the EU-SILC Surveys from FEANTSA

Homelessness and Housing Exclusion Data-Collection Standard BIWM from FEANTSA

Young People, Homelessness and Housing Exclusion: Exploring the Impact of the Economic Crisis in Ireland from FEANTSA

Youth Immigrants’ Homelessness: Challenge for the Multicultural Societies, Policy, Services and Resources from FEANTSA

Homelessness in the Context of an Acute Economic Crisis in Europe: the Case of Greece from FEANTSA

Housing Exclusion and Homelessness in Times of Economic Crisis in Romania from FEANTSA

Coping With the Crisis by Investing in User-Involvement and Quality? Some Lessons from Bottom-Up Examinations of Activation Centres for Homeless People from FEANTSA

The Effect of Family Background on the Risk of Homelessness in a Cohort of Danish Adolescents from FEANTSA

Cascais is Changing from FEANTSA

Housing First Literature: Different Orientations and Political-Practical Arguments from FEANTSA

Implementation Evaluation of Canada’s At Home / Chez Soi Housing First Program from FEANTSA

Outcome Findings of Canada’s At Home / Chez Soi Housing First Demonstration Program from FEANTSA

Women’s Homeless Pathways: A Longitudinal Perspective from FEANTSA

Negotiating Digital Space in Times of Crisis: Homelessness and Advice Provision from FEANTSA

Factors Influencing the Processes of Exclusion/Integration Experienced by Homeless People. Relation between the Type of Intervention and the Processes from FEANTSA