European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 8, Issue 2
- 2014

European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 8.2, December 2014
(Print ISSN : 2030-2762, Online ISSN : 2030-3106)

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EJH 8.2 Table of Contents

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Editorial EJH 8.2


Niels Karsten
Are ‘Fair Share’ Policies Fair to the Homeless? A Critical Assessment of Distributive Siting Policies in the Netherlands

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Article 1 EJH 8.2

József Hegedüs, Vera Horváth and Eszter Somogyi
The Potential of Social Rental Agencies within Social Housing Provision
in Post-Socialist Countries: The Case of Hungary

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Article 2 EJH 8.2

Emma Williamson, Hilary Abrahams, Karen Morgan and Ailsa Cameron
Tracking Homeless Women in Qualitative Longitudinal Research

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Article 3 EJH 8.2

Policy Reviews

Martin Lux
Milestones in the Development and Implementation of a Governmental Strategy on Homelessness in the Czech Republic

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Policy Review 1 EJH 8.2

Catherine Maher and Mike Allen
What is Preventing us from Preventing Homelessness? A Review of the Irish National Preventative Strategy

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Policy Review 2 EJH 8.2

Susanne Gerull
Evictions Due to Rent Arrears: A Comparative Analysis of Evictions in Fourteen Countries

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Policy Review 3 EJH 8.2

Think Pieces

Stephen Gaetz
Can Housing First Work for Youth?

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Think Piece 1 EJH 8.2

Tanya Lalor
Enabling Access to the Private Rented Sector? The Role of Social Rental Agencies in Ireland

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Think Piece 2 EJH 8.2

Olga García and Gaspar Brändle
Relevance of the Use of ETHOS in the Assessment of Housing Exclusion: Proposals for Discussion from the Spanish Case

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Think Piece 3 EJH 8.2

Profiling Homelessness: The Baltic States

Dalija Snieškienė and Inga Dulinskienė
Homelessness in Lithuania: Policy and Research

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Profiling Homelessness 1 EJH 8.2

Lilya Wagner, Erki Korp, and Charles Walters
Homelessness in Estonia: Overview and Analysis

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Profiling Homelessness 2 EJH 8.2

Response Section

Tim Aubry
Housing First Europe: Next Steps

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Response 1 EJH 8.2

Maša Filipovič Hrast
Scaling Up Housing First in Europe

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Response 2 EJH 8.2

Isabel Baptista
Re-inventing Soft Governance Mechanisms in the Field of Social Inclusion: Learning from the Europeanisation of Homelessness Policy?

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Response 3 EJH 8.2

Book Reviews

Laura Stivers (2011)
Disrupting Homelessness: Alternative Christian Approaches

David Nixon (2013)
Stories from the Street: A Theology of Homelessness

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Book Review 1 EJH 8.2

Samara Jones (Ed.) and Guillem Fernàndez Evangelista (Coordinator) (2013)
Mean Streets: A Report on the Criminalisation of Homelessness in Europe

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Book Review 2 EJH 8.2

Flóra Pőcze (2013)
A Moszkva tér gyermeke [The Children of Moscow Square].

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Book Review 3 EJH 8.2

Gijsbert Johan Vonk and Albertjan Tollenaar (Eds.) (2014)
Homelessness and the Law: Constitution, Criminal Law and Human Rights

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Book Review 4 EJH 8.2

Jakub Marek, Aleš Strnad and Lucie Hotovcová (2012)
Bezdomovectví v kontextu ambulantních sociálních služeb [Homelessness in the Context of Low Threshold Services].

PDF - 111.8 kb
Book Review 5 EJH 8.2

Katia Choppin and Édouard Gardella (2013)
Les Sciences Sociales et le Sans-Abrisme: Recension Bibliographique de Langue Française 1987-2012 [Social Science and Homelessness: French Language Literature Review 1987-2012].

PDF - 111 kb
Book Review 6 EJH 8.2