European Journal of Homelessness

The Journal

The European Journal of Homelessness, published twice a year, provides a critical analysis of policy and practice on homelessness in Europe for policy makers, practitioners, researchers and academics. The aim is to stimulate debate on homelessness and housing exclusion at the European level and to facilitate the development of a stronger evidential base for policy development and innovation. The journal seeks to give international exposure to significant national, regional and local developments and to provide a forum for comparative analysis of policy and practice in preventing and tackling homelessness in Europe. The journal will also assess the lessons for Europe which can be derived from policy, practice and research from elsewhere.

Calls for Papers

The European Journal of Homelessness publishes two editions per year. The first edition of each year is a themed edition, largely based on the theme of the annual research conference of the previous year, which the European Observatory on Homelessness and its partners organise each year. The second edition is open to all contributions that address dimensions of homelessness in Europe.

Submission of Articles

The Editors welcome the submission of articles that relate to the annual themes of the Journal and that use concepts derived from any of the social sciences to analyse homelessness policies and practice. Articles that make explicit comparisons across nations are particularly welcome. Articles to be considered for publication will be peer reviewed, and should be policy-relevant contributions related to the field of homelessness not previously published. Articles should fall within the range of 6.000-8.000 words and include an abstract of between 150 and 200 words, up to six keywords, and a list of references (the word count includes the abstract and any footnotes but not the list of references). Author’s details and contact information should be included in the body of the e-mail, and should not appear on the manuscript in order to facilitate the anonymous peer reviewing process.

Notes to Contributors and Details of Submission

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Guidelines for Contributors