Tenth European Research Conference on Homelessness

Families, Housing and Homelessness

European Research Conference
25th September 2015
Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland

Organised by: FEANTSA, the European Observatory on Homelessness &
Focus Ireland


Full Programme

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10th European Research Conference on Homelessness - Programme

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10th European Research Conference on Homelessness - Site Visits

Speakers’ Biographies

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10th European Research Conference on Homelessness - Speakers’ Bios

List of Abstracts

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Speakers’ presentations

Plenary Session
Beth Shinn, USA: Housing and Service Interventions for Family Homelessness: Results from a Multi-Site Experiment in the United States
Eoin O’Sullivan, IE: Responding to Homelessness: Ireland in Comparative Perspective

Seminar 1: Veterans and Homelessness: An International Comparative Perspective
Deborah Quilgars, Lisa O’Malley, UK: Meeting the Housing and Support Needs of Single Veterans in Great Britain
Stephen Gaetz, CA: Homeless Veterans in Canada: an Emerging Issue
Stephen Metraux, USA: Getting to Zero: Efforts to End Homelessness Among Veterans in the US

Seminar 2: Pressure on Housing Markets and Labour Markets and their Implications on the Homeless
Joaquim Ferreira, Lara Figueiredo and Sara Rocha, PT: Work and Relationships as Life Organisers in Homelessness: Discussion on Research Implications
Jenni Mace, Clare Hocking and Marilyn Waring, NZ: Instilling Hope and Setting Goals for a Better Future: Making the Transition to Sustaining a Permanent Home Possible for Families in Temporary Accommodation

Seminar 3: Young People’s Trajectories into, in and off Service Provision
Jamie Harding, UK: Care Leavers, Homelessness and the Role of Services
Marit Ursin, NO: Youth Homelessness in Urban Brazil - a Qualitative and Longitudinal Study

Seminar 4: Housing First: Evidence from Action
Renee de Vet, Marielle Beijersbergen, Judith Wolf, NL: Effectiveness of Critical Time Intervention for Abused Women and Homeless People Leaving Dutch Shelters
Chiara Giustini, Greta Toboli, Federica Tortelli, IT: “Tutti a Casa Nuclei” an Experimental Housing First Project from Bologna

Seminar 5: Homeless Family Members and Family Members of Homeless Youth
Naomi Thulien, Gastaldo, D., Hwang, S., & McCay, E., CA: Homeless Youth Transitions to Independent Housing in Canada: Preliminary Findings
Marc Diebaecker, Roswitha Harner and Yann Arhant, AT: Parenting with Homelessness: A Qualitative Study on the Situation of Homeless Fathers and Social Work Support Relationships in Homeless Support Services in Vienna
Paula Mayock and Sarah Parker, IE: Families and Homelessness: Casting the Net to Enhance Understanding of Patterns of Inter- and Intragenerational Homelessness

Seminar 6: Homelessness in New Member States
Signe Dobelniece and Līga Rasnača, LV: Is there Family Homelessness in Latvia?
Cosmin Briciu, RO: Family and Homelessness in Romania

Seminar 7: Housing First and Supporting Networks
Stepan Ripka, CZ: Project of a Randomized Control Trial of Housing First for Homeless Families in Temporary Hostels in the Czech Republic
Sten-Åke Stenberg, SE: Evictions & Suicide – a Follow up Study of Almost 25,000 Swedish Households on the Brink of the Global Financial Crisis

Seminar 8: Profiles of Homeless and Strategic Approaches Towards Homelessness
Nicholas Pleace, Dennis P. Culhane, and Marcus Knutagård, UK/US/SE: The Finnish Homelessness Strategy: An International Review
Bernie O’Donoghue Hynes, IE: Patterns of Homeless Emergency Accommodation Use in Dublin – How do we Compare?

Seminar 9: Women and Homelessness
Méabh Savage, IE: Understanding and Responding to Women and Homelessness- An Equality Studies Perspective
Elizabeth Whittaker, Marina Papic, Wayne Warburton, AU: The ‘New’ Homeless: A Mixed Methods Examination of Single Mothers’ Homelessness and Housing Pathways in Australia

Seminar 10: Inquiries into and Addressing of Mental Health Issues and Homelessness
Suvi Raitakari, FI: Practitioners Negotiating the Tensions between Housing First and Treatment First Discourses in Mental Health Mix-Model Housing Services
Michael Tully, Gary O’Reilly, Mark Shevlin, Cathy Brennan, Tracey Farragher and Susan Odell, IE: Are Identity with, and Perceived Support from Family and Other Homeless People as well as Perceived Discrimination Associated with Mental Health for People who are Homeless?

Seminar 11: Evaluating and Measuring Sustainability of Rehousing Interventions
Linda McLean, Joelle Berard, and Raymond Downie, CA: The Long Journey to Home and Fallacies of Housing First: Alternative Theory, Discourse, and Practice in the Face of 10 Year Plans to end Homelessness (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Guy Johnson, Yi-Peng Tseng, Daniel Kuehnle, AU/DE: Sustaining Exits from Long-Term Homelessness? Results from a Four Year Randomized Controlled Trial

Seminar 12: PhD Researchers’ Session
Hans Grymonprez, BE: Access and Outreach Practices in Antwerp: Some Critical Considerations in Historical Perspective
Katarzyna Halasa, FR: Children Living in Homeless Families: Experience of Children Living in Emergency Accommodation in France