European Journal of Homelessness: Volume 10, Issue 3 (10th Anniversary Version) - 2016

European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 10.3, 2016
(Print ISSN: 2030-2762 Online ISSN: 2030-3106)

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Nicholas Pleace
Researching Homelessness in Europe Theoretical Perspectives

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Article 1

Lars Benjaminsen and Marcus Knutagård
Homelessness Research and Policy Development:Examples from the Nordic Countries

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Article 2

Boróka Fehér and Nóra Teller
An Emerging Research Strand: Housing Exclusion in Central and South East Europe

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Article 3

Vassilis Arapoglou
Researching Housing Exclusion and Homelessness in Southern Europe: Learning Through Comparing Cities and Tracking Policies

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Article 4

Dennis Culhane
The Potential of Linked Administrative Data for Advancing Homelessness Research and Policy

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Article 5

Nicolas Herault and Guy Johnson
Homelessness in Australia: Service Reform and Research in the 21st Century

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Article 6

Mike Allen
Homeless Non-Governmental Organisations and the Role of Research

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Article 7

Michele Lancione
Beyond Homelessness Studies

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Article 8