European Thematic Reports (2003 - 2006)

Thematic Research

Between 2002 and 2006, three thematic working groups were responsible for the writing of three thematic reports: the changing role of the state; the changing profiles of homeless people; and the changing role of service provision.

The Changing Role of the State

2006: Homelessness and Exclusion: regulating public space

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Regulating Public Space

2005: Welfare delivery in the neoliberal era

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Welfare Delivery Neoliberal Era

2004: The State and the housing markets of Europe

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State and Housing Markets

2003: The changing role of the state: state intervention in welfare and housing

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State Intervention Welfare and Housing

The Changing Profiles of Homeless People

2006: Conflict, rooflessness and the use of public space

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Rooflessness Public Space

2005: Still depending on emergency services in Europe: who and why?

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Emergency Services

2004: Homelessness in the written press: a discourse analysis

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Written Press

2003: Macro social context and recent trends

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Macro Social Context Trends

The Changing Roles of Service Provision

2006: Barriers of access to health services for homeless people

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Barriers Access to Health

2005: Services for homeless people and inter-agency working

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Interagency Working

2004: Organisational factors affecting the delivery of services for homeless people

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Service Delivery

2003: Regulation and funding implications for service development

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Regulation and Funding

The national reports upon which these reports are based are available from the FEANTSA office.