Partner Networks

The Data collection working group is a pool of experts who exchange information on data collection methodologies, monitor relevant EU developments, and steer FEANTSA’s strategy on homelessness data collection.

The ENHR brings together researchers from all over the world who have an interest in housing and housing related issues. It does not carry out research itself, but facilitates transnational exchanges of information and co-operation. The ENHR organises a major international conference every year, which is an opportunity for researchers to stay informed about new research. It has also set up many research working groups, several of which focus on issues related to homelessness.

A group of homelessness researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from Australia, Canada, the European Union and the United States form the International Alliance to End Homelessness (IAEH). Its goal is to facilitate systematic and productive sharing of information about what works to end homelessness. One of IAEH’s objectives is to establish an international research agenda around homelessness. It will also seek to improve the comparability of homelessness data across nations by creating common definitions and collection methods.